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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the men and women who work in the aviation maintenance industry. Aviation maintenance technicians, inspectors, supervisors, managers, and so on. Those men and women doing their part to keep this great industry as safe as it can be. I, for one, am proud to be a part of it.

Most of us can sit for hours telling stories of the experiences we’ve had in aviation. Having worked in this industry for 35 years I can think of many cool experiences to talk about. Reminiscing is fun, but we must not forget about the future of the industry. I think we have a responsibility to share our expertise and safety values with those who will be the next generation of maintenance technicians.

Major aircraft manufacturers are predicting a huge demand for aviation maintenance technicians over the forseeable future to maintain the aviation fleet as it continues to expand.

Proper training and education is paramount in preparing these young folks for the challenges of the future. As you know becoming an aviation maintenance technician is only the beginning. It is through experience that you become aware of the importance of it all.

Aviation safety begins with an airworthy aircraft, and aircraft are kept in an airworthy condition through the efforts of dedicated aviation maintenance professionals.

Do you remember the creed?

The Aviation Maintenance Technician’s Creed

UPON MY HONOR I swear that I shall hold in sacred trust the rights and privileges conferred upon me as a certified mechanic. Knowing full well that the safety and lives of others are dependent upon my skill and judgment, I shall never knowingly subject others to risks which I would not be willing to assume for myself, or for those dear to me.

IN DISCHARGING this trust, I pledge myself never to undertake work or approve work which I feel to be beyond the limits of my knowledge nor shall I allow any non-certified superior to persuade me to approve aircraft or equipment as airworthy against my better judgment, nor shall I permit my judgment to be influenced by money or other personal gain, nor shall I pass as airworthy, aircraft or equipment, about which I am in doubt either as a result of direct inspection or uncertainty regarding the ability of others who have worked on it to accomplish their work satisfactorily.

I REALIZE the grave responsibility, which is mine as a certified airman, to exercise my judgment on the airworthiness of aircraft and equipment. I, therefore, pledge unyielding adherence to these precepts for the advancement of aviation and for the dignity of my vocation. - Jerry Lederer, Founder, Flight Safety Foundation –

Aviation Education and Reference Information

Aviation Safety Bureau is gearing up to do our part in the education and training of aviation maintenance technicians by providing online tools to help young aspiring individuals learn about aviation maintenance and the importance of aviation safety.

We plan to promote high school aviation education programs and provide free access to a variety of online tools for teaching aviation maintenance and aviation safety.

Both AC 43.13-1B and AC 43.13-2B are available online in our free membership section, and we are happy to announce that FAA-H-8083-30 Aviation Maintenance Technician General Handbook has just gone online.

Next month we will also have AC 65-12A Powerplant Handbook, and AC 65-15A Airframe Handbook online. Anyone wanting to study about aviation maintenance will have free online access to this information.

Through the use of our members forums, it is our hope that those experienced individuals will share their knowledge with the new and aspiring maintenance technicians. A learning community for all those interested in aviation maintenance.

New on our web site:

FAA-H-8083-30 Aviation Maintenance Technician General Handbook

This handbook was designed for persons who are studying for their FAA Airframe and Powerplant certificate, but is also an excellent reference tool for the experience technician as well. Sign up for your free membership and get instant access to this and other reference documents.

Aviation Safety Bureau Bookstore

Visit our new bookstore. There you will find a wide variety of books and videos related to aviation regulations and aircraft airworthiness. There are also complete study kits for aviation maintenance technicians.
Aviation Safety Bureau Bookstore

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