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Questions That Other Visitors Have Asked

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EASA 145 Authority 
Is the work by an EASA certified 145 repair station recognized on U.S. registered aircraft the same as a U.S. certified repair station work? ANSWER: …

Foreign Repair Station Certification  
Can I get a repair station certificate if I am located in Tijuana, Mexico? Please provide the contact information to request this certification. …

Airworthiness Directives  
What are Airworthiness Directives and who is responsible for their issuance? ANSWER: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is responsible for …

Aircraft Propeller Life 
Does the life of an aircraft component start on the date of manufacture or the date of installation, or the date the part was put into service? My concern …

Propeller Maintenance 
What type of maintenance can an A&P Mechanic do to an aircraft propeller? ANSWER: When a propeller manufacturer’s data specifies that major repairs …

Airplane Flight Hours 
How many hours can an airplane fly? ANSWER: If you are referring to total flight time on one tank of fuel, it varies depending on the airplane size, …

EASA Certification 
Is an EASA Certification required if our company is going to work on aircraft based in Asia? Also, it is my understanding that maintenance implementation …

Aging Airplane Safety Rule 
What is the FAA Aging Airplane Safety Rule? ANSWER: On February 2, 2005, the FAA published the Aging Airplane Safety Rule. The rule specifies mandatory …

What does the term Airworthiness mean? ANSWER: There are two conditions that must be met before an aircraft is considered to be airworthy according …

Plastic Repairs  
We are a CAR 145 certified company. C6 - Equipment AC 43.13-1B Chapter 3, talks about plastic repairs. Can plastic be repaired, and if so where …

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