by Craig

What does the term Airworthiness mean?

ANSWER: There are two conditions that must be met before an aircraft is considered to be airworthy according to the FAA:

1) The aircraft must meet its type design; and

2) Be in a condition for safe operation.

Meeting its type design means the aircraft configuration is the same as when it was built or is in a properly repaired or altered condition. A properly repaired or altered condition means that any repairs or alterations performed on the aircraft are approved by the FAA. Repairs must be performed in accordance with FAA approved data and all alterations must be performed per a supplemental type certificate (STC) or other data approved by the FAA.

In a condition for safe operation means that all systems are functioning normally and there are no fluid leaks that are out of the manufacturers prescribed limits.

Airworthiness then means the aircraft is in a state or condition of being airworthy.

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