Propeller Maintenance

by Steven
(Dallas, Texas)

What type of maintenance can an A&P Mechanic do to an aircraft propeller?

ANSWER: When a propeller manufacturer’s data specifies that major repairs are permitted to a specific model blade or other propeller component, only an appropriately rated repair facility may accomplish those repairs.

An FAA-certificated mechanic with at least a powerplant rating can accomplish all other propeller maintenance and minor repair by using the practices and techniques specified in Advisory Circular (AC) 20-37E and in the propeller manufacturer’s service data.

Some maintenance and minor repairs in this category are the removal of minor nicks, scratches, small areas of surface corrosion, painting, and minor deicer boot repairs.

Because of the complexity of propeller damage and because damage tends to be hidden or not obvious to untrained maintenance personnel, it is recommended that propeller damage be referred to experienced repair personnel whenever doubt exists regarding a condition that has been observed.

It is further recommended that owners/operators follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and overhaul program.

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